Afrolynk and Deutsch Connect Southern Africa Partnership

Afrolynk animpact venture that spreads awareness on tech and entrepreneurial activities geared towards Africa ,connecting and bringing together start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, VCs, SMEs, cooperation and organizations that are connected to the EU – African market, providing mentoring services to and facilitate networking between young entrepreneurs who work in or with the African continent has partnered with DeutschConnect

 a Southern African based organisation that seeks to link Southern African Start Ups and Young Entrepreneurs with German business ecosystem through Mentorship, Matchmaking and Access to Market and Partnerships.


Afrolynk and DeutschConnect have agreed to collaborate to provide digital and technological based courses train individuals in in-demand skills. Afrolynk targets beginners, tech students, skilled developers, and startups, and offers affordable training in software development, as well as, an entrepreneurial incubator program. Afrolynk will link trainees to its network, partners and other projects with the long-term goal of professional education and job creation. With this goal, DeutschConnect will be Afrolynk Official partner in Southern Africa.


Speaking after signing the Memorandum of Understanding in Berlin, Germany, DeutschConnect Director Kumbirai Chipadza said that the partnership would be a game changer for Southern Africa Start Ups and Young Entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses and enter European market. “ Afrolynk is one of the biggest Afrocentric Platforms in Europe with strategic and influential partners who will be able to help our young entrepreneurs through Mentorship Programs , Tech Development and Access to Market and Funding which are crucial for Acceleration. Furthermore as DeutschConnect we will be able to offer Tech Development courses online and in our physical spaces through the Afrolynk platform as well as organising Afrolynk Meet Ups in Southern Africa to create synergies between different young entrepreneurs, The Future is Africa,”said Chipadza.


Afrolynk whose founder, Moses Acquah is a renowned Tech Developer and Afrocentric Business guru, will officially open a Factory Center in Harare in June offering diversified courses. There will also be opportunities for Southern Africa Start Ups to attend the Afrolynk Conference in Berlin from the 20th of September 2019.


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