Open to Kenyans 🇰🇪 and Zimbabwean 🇿🇼 women over 19 years.

. B1 German Language Certification
. 5 O Levels
. Clean Bill of Health
. Fill in Application form

Duration – Three Years
Allowance – €900 monthly net

April and August Intakes

How much is the B1 German language course? – $us1000 ( $us400 deposit and $us100 monthly installments )

Duration – 6 months

How much is the placement? – $us500

After successful examination at the end of the vocational training an official graduation with the permit certificate “nursing specialist” (“Pflegefachkraft”) will be issued, which entitles you to work in the area of care in Germany (legally and with a German working contract). With this examination international applicants can stay in Germany and work as a nurse without any limitation.

Applicants should be willing to deal with people in need of care even in challenging situations and place these people at the center of your attention. You should be interested in working with people and see it as your task to help and support them.

Is there a maximum age for applying?

No. People of all ages can apply. However keep in mind that you will attend a professional school during your apprenticeship with co-students who might be in their early twenties.

Content of the nursing apprenticeship

Within the framework of the new nursing training in Germany, you will receive training that qualifies you for work as a nurse, for child care or for care of the elderly. As a nurse, you will take care of people of all ages in special residential facilities, nursing homes, hospitals or at home. You will support people in need of care in coping with everyday life, for example dressing, eating and washing, advise people, carry out joint activities and perform nursing and medical tasks.

Work as a nurse after the apprenticeship

Our Consultancy Fees is 30us for 30min video call




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  1. Catherine Napio
    February 19, 2022

    Can’t Ugandans fill up for it?

  2. Jacklyne Diana Aloo Obunga
    May 14, 2022

    I really want to join the program for nursing apprenticeship. Kindly help me out with the process.

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