Au Pair Program (A2 German Language) - 4 Months

The Au Pair Program is an intercultural exchange program for young people (18 -26) operating in many countries of the world, including the Federal Republic of Germany, under which young girls and boys from other countries temporarily live with a host family in another country. The young person participating in this program helps the host family through, minding their children and sometimes help around with basic house chores, and as a reward she/he is provided with accommodation, food and pocket money from the host family. The purpose is exploring other countries by the young people, learning a foreign language (in the case in point, German) and, as a result, improving the chances of finding a job in the given country. Most Aupairs use this program as a gap year to discover what they want to do after completing their secondary education.

An Au pair can be hosted by a family with at least one child under the age of 18, and get free Au-pair accommodation in a separate room, free meals, payment of pocket money: 260 euros per month, partial payment for the German language instruction courses (50 euros per month) and the cost of travel to visit the language schools. After Au Pair year the young person can then enrol into Technical College (Ausbildung) or enrol for an undergraduate degree at a German University.



US$ 700 ( Deposit $400 )

Duration – 4 Months

Step 1 – Passion to work with children, 5 OLevels

Step 2 – A2 German Language Training

Step 3 – German culture orientation course

Step 4 – Find Host Family ( US$400 )

Step 5 – Visa Application, Valid Travel Documents