Accessing partners, funding opportunities and investments from our network of venture, capitalists, investors, business angles and funding opportunities with emphasis on matching the right businesses with similar agendas and coming up with result orientated discussions


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1. Identification of Potential Partners or Buyers via digital tool

For any successful B2B meeting agenda, we identify potential companies in a target market that we think would have interest in our client’s products or services. We identify key procurement personnel for each target company. We make a database of potential companies with web-links and contact details for our client review.

2. Contacting Potential Partners and Buyers and sending them all relevant information about our client

We take meticulous care to send the right information to potential clients. We work closely with our client company to make sure that we are sending the correct corporate information as well as the correct product information to target companies. We ensure that the information is received by a procurement decision maker. We like to think that we go through the proper potential supplier process with our target companies.

3. Organising B2B Meeting

We organise a practical and targeted meetings agenda for our clients. We give our client a detailed meeting agenda itinerary with key information about each company that they are meeting with as well as who they will be meeting. We assist our client companies with all the travel logistics of how to get to meetings.

We can also accompany our client companies at meetings. We do a follow up with both parties after each meeting and give our client company a detailed follow-up report.