Social Year FSJ ( under 27 ) BFD ( over 27 ) A2 German language certification 4 Months

The German Voluntary Social year is a period of time, generally from six to 18 months, spent doing voluntary work in the German social sector. The state-funded program is available to those who have both completed compulsory high school education and are under 27 years of age. Designed to offer young adults the chance to find their vocational or academic orientation while contributing to the greater social good, the program affords its participants legal status comparable to that of those doing a German Ausbildung, or apprenticeship.

Some examples of where assignments can be undertaken include working in nursing homes and hospitals, with ambulatory services and people with disabilities, in youth welfare and kindergartens or with children from difficult family backgrounds.

Rules and regulations of the placement, including the location, hours of work, and remuneration vary and are governed by the actual institution at which you do your year

of service.  Remuneration, often referred to as pocket money, is usually given for travel costs and meals, and may complement accommodation. In the event there is no accommodation offered by the institution, financial compensation can be provided. Health insurance is automatically provided to participants of the program.



US$700 ( Deposit $400 )

Duration – 4 Months

Step 1 – 5 O levels, Experience in nursing, teaching and care work

Step 2 – A2 German language certification

Step 3 – German Culture Orientation course

Step 4 РPlacement  ( US$800 )

Step 5 – Visa Application