German Clientele Services

Talent Acquisition Steps

Is your organization considering hiring young talent from Africa? We are here to offer acquisition services in areas such as but not limited to, Nursing, Caregivers and Remote tech work.

With staff shortages in care-giving and nursing in Germany well known, one essential way of getting new nurses is to attract them from other countries. There is an immense need for nurses and caregivers in Germany. Deutsch Connect Talent Acquisition Services will facilitate for an easier flow of outsourcing recruits from abroad. Not only does Deutsch Connect have a pool of talented personnel, but also makes sure that recruits are proficient in the German language and prepared to adjust to the German culture. Our Talents go through vetting and background checks before joining our Talent Pool.

Hire your next Talent with Deutsch Connect via following the next steps:

Through our partnership with Codeln we have access to over 12k African qualified Software Developers looking for jobs. Furthermore we have Skilled Immigrants, University Graduates and Social Year Volunteers looking for placement in Germany with B1 German Language Certification and undergone German Culture Orientation.