Our Services

Deutsch Connect is a young and vibrant company which is in the business of entrepreneurial innovative solutions by identifying, endorsing and marketing Southern African companies to European Union , linking funding , partnerships and markets for their goods, products and services. Deutsch Connect works with a team of other like-minded vibrant individuals and companies and is always open to new ideas.



More than 60 percent of Sub Saharan Africa is made up of small holder farmers and contribute 23percent of Sub Saharan African GDP. However Agriculture remains relatively untapped. Over 90 percent depends on rainfall and techniques used to cultivate soil are still far behind lacking in irrigation, pesticides and access to high yield seeds.


German tourists are the second biggest source of Southern African tourism after UK with over 21 000 German tourists recorded in April 2018 alone. Southern Africa boosts a variety of World Class tourist destinations and it is a peaceful region that is welcoming to tourists. As DeutschConnect we will promote the region in Germany and partner with Afrocentric Travel Agencies. Furthermore we will leverage on Agro and Cultural tourism which is a new phenomenon.


We seek to partner Southern African Energy players with skilled and experienced German companies in this sector. The world has moved to renewable energy but Africa is lagging behind. we have since partnered with Smart Energy a leader in the sector and our focus is to contribute to the rural energy sector which supports Agriculture and to this end we have local communities targeted in South Africa, Botswana , Namibia , Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Zambia.


The minerals in Southern Africa are numerous but to name a few there are gold, diamonds, chrome, emeralds . In this we would also like to partner with Southern African Provincial governments and market them abroad. Furthermore there are a lot of small scale miners who require technogical skills and investors and DeutschConnect will endeavour to link them when they have undergone our Mentorship programme.


Africa is endowed with raw materials, but sadly the processing is done abroad and goods imported back to be sold to Africans expensively. We as DeutschConnect want the whole value chain to be done in Afric and thus increase exports and bring in foreigh currency. Furthermore we want to work with local communities that will join together in the value chain and develop communities. We will source development partners from within Germany to partner through machinery and infrastructure development.


Germany has a vibrant Au Pair Program that brings young men and women between 19 – 26 years to Germany as Au Pairs to learn new culture and to new life opportunities. We endeavour to open German language classes in Southern Africa and link with German Au Pair agencies to provide them with cultured aupairs.